About EQ

The need for improvement

By it’s nature, vaping is a safer alternative to smoking. Although the industry has traveled light years since it’s inception, many devices nowadays lose the focus from the core physics that governs the basic principles of vaping.


We began as e-liquid manufacturers in this industry, and for that reason we needed an atty that delivers all the hidden notes we wanted to balance in our e-liquids. Unfortunately we could not find an atomizer like such, and this is how we started to develop EQUILIBRIUM.


We worked on design and testing for more than an year, and despite the main trends on the market have changed, we strongly believe that EQ will make certain vapers happy.

Engineering to the core

The philosophy behind Equilibrium

The purpose of an electronic cigarette, or better said, of an atomizer, is to cool as efficiently as possible the coil in order to deliver a well-saturated vapor for best flavor and clouds.


Despite their complexity, most vaping coils are today nothing more than helical spring. Single-slot air intake devices, usually positioned below the coil only cool the bottom and the sides of the coil and so the top part burns the e-juice.


When we started to develop EQ we began to round the atomizer from the coil specs and everything followed natural with this thought process. Equilibrium has the unique property of cooling the coil 360°. Due to the angled air intakes (45° and 60° incidence) the air flows beneath and on top of the coil and ensures balanced cooling.


We chose velocity-type posts for their ease of use. Both the base and the posts are made of SS304 which is a high durable stainless steel alloy. Also the screws are made of SS304, because we all hate poor quality screws.


The Top Cap is made of 6061 aerospace aluminum which is durable and light, but the reason we chose it is because is the fastest heat dissipating (into air) material in the world. Yes, it gets hot, but cools down as fast…


Drips tips (yes, we included 3 of them) are made of ULTEM.


The positive pins are made of silver plated brass, conductivity is the key for a successful atty and the insulation is PEEK all the way.

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